10 iOS Apps Development Trends to watch out for in 2017 for Businesses

In 2017, the customers are making themselves digital. More surfing on the Internet is making them smart phones crazy too. With an imaginary growth in the smart phone users, the apps have also increased. Let’s have a look at 10 iOS Apps Development trends to watch out in 2017 for Businesses:

  1. Free Apps for all:

As per current trends, most of 75% apps are free for users.  For iOS app developers, the revenue drivers are in-app purchases. The apps that are hybrid are raising their demand among the mobile users.

  1. Watch OS2:

After launching of Apple watch and it is one of the most top brands in the usable category. The progress and development will rush the market for apps for the development of this device to its next level. For getting more extensions to their presence, Apple Company has more chances for developed Apple Watch.  In the initial timing, 10,000 apps were available for the iWatch. This number will surely increase and astonish everyone.

  1. Emphasis on M-Commerce:

With the increasing trends and numbers of the internet users as well as online shopping customers using their mobile devices for placing their orders, m- commerce is growing at an amplified ratio. Mobile technologies such as beacons as well as wallets are providing good incentives to the users. For iOS developers, mobile applications for eCommerce websites are the giant earner. This brings better integration with the iOS device to fully exploit the features of the device.

  1. iOS9 and App Security:

The researchers have proved that more than 75% apps are now failed to meet the security the basic security measures taken by them.  With the advent of iOS9, Apple has come with the support system and has compelled the app developers to execute the best security measures.  The iOS apps development is coming with the facility of security for their users.

  1. The development is from Cloud-based Apps:

Cloud support will make app developers in decreasing the app size, giving the free space in the limited device. Now, it will give smart sync across different or multiple devices.

  1. Swift Coding:

Swift came in the world of coding with a whole new set of coding methodologies as well as the framework.  This has become most popular coding among iOS developers.

  1. iBeacon for Geolocating:

Apple has the facilitated the ways of offering the smarter application with the location support. The iOS developers are getting the opportunity for making Beacon apps for giving better security.

  1. Progressive Web Applications gaining popularity

The instant gratification and ease in the development are grabbing the attention towards the Progressive Web Apps. It is an application in which the user interface works on a web browser.

  1. Android Instant Apps are more coming:

Like the progressive Web apps, Google has come with the Android Instant Apps. As their name shows they will make the Android apps run instantly.

  1. Virtual as well as augmented reality is holding:

Coming with App Store, the AR technology came with a great potential to engage the users in an engaging way.

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