How to Turn Android App Development into a Lucrative Profession

The significance of the advancements in mobile technology is understood by the insights at Statista that convey how the number of smartphone users across the globe will exceed 5 million users by 2019. This shows how mobile devices are evolving into a channel that is now more than a communication and entertainment medium. Used for business and marketing purposes, mobile devices now come with mobile apps that provide users with multiple functionalities and features.

There are two main mobile app operating systems, namely IOS and Android app platforms. While both of these platforms have various uses and advantages of their own the prime reason why Android has sustained impressions on a wider scale is that there exist more mobile devices that support Android operating system as compared to IOS.

Tips Every Android App Developer Needs To Know

Building a career in any particular field or industry is not difficult and the same goes for individuals that want to build their career as an Android app developer. However, the reason why Android app development is so prevalent is that Android supports a larger worldwide spectrum of audience therefore the demand for Android App developers is significantly growing. There are certain rules and guidelines for learning a new skill and the path to become a successful Android developer is to follow these tips and tricks:

Latest Development Trends

It becomes difficult to keep up with the rapid pace of change in app development trends but if you do not stay updated with these trends then you will not be able to advance your career.  Few of the latest trends of Android app development include the incorporation of augmented reality in mobile apps and the introduction of cloud-based app development. To stay in par with the competition, mobile apps need to be designed and developed keeping the latest trends in mind therefore the demand of developers who are successful in perfectly executing these trends get their worth increased.

App Interface Design

There are certain guidelines of mobile app interfaces set by Google. Mobile apps that do not abide by these guidelines fail to secure a reputable position in the Google Play Store. Understanding and following these design principles is essential for every android app developer as it provides them ease in designing the user interface and keeping the overall aesthetic of mobile apps consistent with a single theme. At times developers design interfaces bloated with unnecessary features but after following the guidelines they can get a better idea of their app interface visualization.

Join a Community

While there are several platforms to learn Android app development, many developers do not utilize these learning platforms or collaborate in Android communities. The main benefits of taking part in such communities is that you get to connect with people sharing similar interests as yours and in turn hone your development skills. One such platform for those seeking for help in the UI, updates and security issues in Android apps is the Android Community as it enables ambitious individuals to learn Android app development with ease.

Accept Feedback

The key to success is to be always open to feedback and user input. Those who do not appreciate user input are never able to find their shortcomings. Failure is not daunting as it allows you to learn and grow therefore in order to excel you need to accept feedback and enhance your customer base. You need to abide by the ever-changing trends in Android app development and appreciate the feedback given to you as it serves as an opportunity to improve your app and its functionalities.

Developer Portfolio

Every person has a starting point. Some land corporate level jobs while some start from freelance platforms. No matter what it is, every developer needs to create a portfolio of his work. This activity makes it easier for developers to track their progress and the process of approaching app development companies for employment purposes or approaching direct clients. Seeing is believing therefore with a powerful portfolio you can build strong connections with clientele across the globe.

Nothing in this world is impossible, as the process of learning is a never-ending one. The passion to become bigger and better is what drives success in a career. With proper execution and practice, you can become a successful Android app developer, as there are no limitations and boundaries to learning.

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