5 reasons why should you start your own online business

Being a micro entrepreneur implies assuming all kinds of responsibilities and obligations that may seem complex. You may as an entrepreneur need to work more than any other person in your business, you may at first the income make you think of giving up again and again, you may have to do a thousand things at a time if you want to see your business thrive.

The most traditional response is that it is the result of necessity. Suddenly we are out of work or without financial support and entrepreneurship seems the best alternative. If we start to ask each entrepreneur what motivated them to start their business, we will probably find many different answers, but we could synthesize all those answers into four main reasons

Make lots of money

Having a business of your own will give you the chance to make lots of money. With a business of your own you will earn money according to your ability and effort, but you will also have the possibility to multiply your income through financial leverage and the work of other people. Unlike an investment, where you are limited to a small salary, which will hardly grow much unless you accumulate several years of experience, get many titles, and you are willing to make a huge sacrifice.

To have free time

Having an online business of your own will give you the possibility of having more free time than having a job. It may be that your business requires a great sacrifice on your part, but if you manage to create a good business system and hire the right people, you can delegate functions over time to obtain precious free time.

Unlike a job, where you have to meet your work hours, you still have completed your day job, and everything so that the little time left that you have is spent tiring of so much work and not wanting to do anything.

Manage your time

With a business of your own you will not only have more free time, but also manage your time. You can set your own schedules and, for example, you can start working at the time you want, or you can leave your work for a few moments, for example, to enjoy some important event.  Unlike a job, where you are subject to the schedule set by someone else, and where, for example, you have to go to work very early in the morning, and you cannot leave work unless you make up a good excuse.

Work little

If you look at large employers, they work very little. If you can create a good online business system and hire the right people, over time you will have to work less, until the time comes when your job will simply consist of supervising the general operation of your business. Unlike a job, where you assume more responsibilities, which translates into more work, and where you most likely end up working for the rest of your life.

Be your own boss

Another good reason to start your own business is to be your own boss. In your business you will be the boss, you will make the important decisions and you will not have to answer or give explanations to anyone. Unlike a job, where you are under the orders of someone, who is always sending you and saying what you have and what you do not have to do.

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