Career Success – A Winning Career Game Plan

The biggest disappointments in life occur when one person wants to get the same thing as another, but without acquiring those habits or choices. For some years we have been collecting the advice of the greatest entrepreneurs and investors from all over the world, as well as young entrepreneurs who recognize that part of their success is due to reading the advice of those people who already got what they wanted get.

The truth is that it is relatively easy to identify such choices and habits among millionaires, big investors, big business owners or big CEOs of companies, because they all have exactly the same habits . There are no secrets to success, there are only habits, there are only choices, and, like in any race, it’s all about striving and preparing you more than the rest of your competitors. Here are some tips to have successful career with plan

  1. Get up early.

It does not matter if you are working or unemployed. Almost all successful entrepreneurs agree that they are always ahead of the rest, because when it comes time to start, they are already more informed than the rest and with the clearest mind.

  1. Take a new risk every day or week.

We must test ourselves every day or every week. Assuming new risks we are accepting the possibility of failure, but we must always be on the move.

  1. Dress for success.

You have to lead an orderly life. He used to say a great entrepreneur who knew the kind of person he had in front of him just by looking at how this person had ordered the papers in his office, his clothing and cleaning his vehicle. It was what he called “dress for success”, because until you say otherwise, you are what you show.

  1. Make sure you are adding value.

Some people try hard, some little, but even people who do much, may not be generating value. Make sure your efforts are adding value to the benefits.

  1. There are never any excuses.

Someone once said that people who are good at making excuses, are rarely good at anything else. It has been better, period. There is no wet grass or slippery sand. He who makes excuses, never learns from mistakes, as he believes he has not made any mistakes, so his successes diminish as excuses grow.

  1. Resistance, persistence and determination.

Each and every successful person has these points in common. They have been persistent until they reach their goal. When they have faced obstacles, they have done it with determination and forcefulness, because everyone agrees that they had obstacles and problems that took them to the limit. When problems pile up and you are attacked by different fronts, either resist or surrender, and surrender is not an option if you want to succeed.

  1. Find your purpose in life.

You cannot succeed if you do not know what you want to achieve, so you want to fight. Find something for what you really want to fight and feed that passion or that dream.

  1. Be consistent.

Try to reflect your focus directly on your individual actions. In the Seinfeld strategy, the success basically consisted in giving consistently small doses of consistency, and make sure that every day you would continue to do so regardless of your results in the short term. That is to say, not to build a Chinese Wall, but to place a brick over another every day. In this way, the wall is built alone.

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