Monitor Instagram And Vine Apps on Teens Mobile

Today’s digital generation cannot imagine living a life without internet, social media and digital technologies. Almost 45 percent of teens admit that social media is a crucial part of their lives where they spend more than nine hours a day. The hyper-connected lives of teens may lead them to countless safety risks such as cyberbullying, sexual harassment, sexting, and online child molestation. The social media apps and instant messengers are persuading the teens and tweens to share their personal information and photos on the internet. Every day, more than 1.8 billion photos and videos are posted and shared on the social networking platforms. The most popular platforms and least secure photos and video sharing apps are Instagram and Vine. Both are not intended for teens and tweens but are being used by underage children on a larger scale.

What is Instagram App?

Instagram is the world’s biggest photo-sharing platform where millions of photos and videos are shared each day. The app hosts more than 40 billion photos and videos which have been shared on Instagram since its release. Around 300 million selfies were posted on the app until the end of 2016. In addition to photo and video sharing, the app allows exchanging text messages. As compared to Facebook and other popular social media apps, Instagram has more engaged users. The involvement of Instagrammers is 15 times higher than Facebook users and 20 times more than the Twitter users. This app is widely being used by those who love capturing their moments and uploading them right away on the internet. From Instagram, the users can also share their photos and videos on Facebook, Twitter, and other media platforms.

What is Vine App?

Vine is a video-sharing platform which allows the users to share six-second long videos recorded from the Vine camera. The in-app camera starts recording your video as you tap the screen and continues recording until you keep the screen tapped. As you leave the screen, the camera stops recording. This enables the user to edit the video and generate stop-motion effects.

Dangers of Instagram and Vine for Teens

The first and foremost danger of these photo and video sharing apps is the adult-oriented content. Both platforms are loaded with erotic stuff and there is no way to filter such content. You teens can easily expose to age-inappropriate and sexually explicit photos and videos on Instagram and Vine.

Cyber-bullying and child predation are two most common online threats, and Instagram is the biggest facilitator of bullies and molesters. As the platform persuades teens to share their photos and tag their locations, it allows the scoundrels to misuse the data. Those who are following you on Instagram can see your photos and make comments, which can be embarrassing, offending or anything hilarious. Almost 23 percent of Instagrammers have become the victims of cyberbullying and many bullying cases have remained unreported.

Monitor Instagram and Vine Apps

There are certain monitoring and parental control apps that allow parents to keep tabs on the online activities of their kids. For example, TheOneSpy is a cell phone spy app that is particularly intended for parents to monitor and record the social media events of their offspring. The app allows spying on the popular photos and video sharing apps Instagram and Vine. Moreover, the spy app allows tracking Facebook, Skype, Tinder, Kik, WhatsApp, Line, Hike, Viber, IMO, Telegram, Zalo and Yahoo Messenger. Parents can monitor the individual and group text messages as well as thread conversations of their children. Also, they can see the call logs and photos and videos shared and posted on social media platforms.

The cell phone spy app is required to be installed on the mobile phone of children to keep track of their activities. After installation, the app gets access to the social media chats, call logs and photos and videos stored on the mobile phone. All these things are then uploaded to spy software account. Parents can sign into that account and read the messages of their children and see the stuff shared and posted by their kids on Instagram, Vine and other social media apps. The screen recording and live screen sharing features of the spy app enable parents to monitor and record almost all of their kids’ activities performed on social media and other online and offline platforms.

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