Know the Best Content Marketing Strategies for 2017

What is content marketing? 

Content marketing means creating and distributing free content to attract and convert visitor to customer, and customer to a loyal customer. Things you usually share are related to what you sell, is a way to inform and educate people to have the confidence to buy from you.

Because it is important? 

You’ve probably already heard the term interruption marketing. It is an English term that classifies all those forms of marketing that interrupt the customer while doing other things. Like a classic advertisement that comes out while watching a movie or a pop-up while reading.

Given the abundance of these invasive advertising forms the only way to stay healthy is to ignore them. This adversity to aggressive advertising has opened up the field to content marketing for SEO that conquers the customer with content that can actually improve his life.

Nowadays people before buying something are looking for information that can be of help, and that’s exactly what you provide with your content marketing. And it is always the content that is shared on social networks with various likes, shares, +1. And it is always the content that is placed in the first pages of the search engines.

So among the best strategies for the year 2017:

Use social media

Social media has become increasingly important in content distribution and SEO. With the introduction of Google+, content is now an integral part of social media. A substantial weight is due to Google Author Rank and Authorship.

To create a good network of followers, relationships have to be established, especially with influential people who have followed much. If you’re scratching, try to find out who’s the Top 10 in a business and interact with them daily. Do not do the stalker though. Make a real contribution by pushing them to have you in their circles. They will then help you distribute your content to a mass audience.

Use the slides

Slide use is not new as a strategy but is still working. You can use it offline, in conferences, events, courses etc, which online through sites such as Slide share and through it create traffic and follow on to your website. What you never have to do with slides is to create bulleted lists. People are simply killed by boredom with the bulleted lists. Create a concept for each slide and make sure everything is digestible.


Infographics are a visual way of introducing data, concepts, ideas and anything else you want to present. The goal of the infographic is to attract attention, stimulate sharing, and perhaps more easily explain an otherwise complicated or dense concept.

The infographic is essentially a link bait that is a content created specifically to attract enough interest to be shared. Although years ago it was just a normal infographic to be submerged by links, today it is quite difficult. Only high quality infographics can achieve the hoped-for effect.

Guest Blog Posts

Contact some famous site and propose your own article. It can be very useful in generating traffic and establishing your person as authoritative.Avoid guest posts with sales intent, you would soon leave the first readers. Instead look for valuable information to entice people to see your site to find out more. If you want to increase value content on your site or blog find famous bloggers who want to make guest posting. They usually carry with them both the quality of the article and a host of their followers with whom you can also promote yourself.

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