Top 10 SEO Myths Everyone Should Know About

SEO is a well-known term used in the digital world. It is the best way for crafting and building the pages to deliver greater experience both for the reader and to search engines. Some of the top ten myths that everyone should know about are:

  1. Only first Number matters:

There is a strong thinking on the search engines like Google and other.  There are conditions of generating traffic by being on the top of the second of the second page.  Also, search ranking is creating the confusion. Google now started showing the results on the page includes social recommendations and local results.

  1. One can do SEO with no outside support:

Implementing SEO means that the user is following a set of techniques and a procedural way for increasing the chances of coming in front of the web users. But sometimes it is tough to learn in online marketing, technical aspects with PR skills, and coding.

  1. META tags are very important:

META tags are small pieces of codes of keywords as well as a description. It is known that every page on the site needed META tags to rank well. Although they are not useless sometimes they often appear next to the link that shows up in the search result.

  1. If you give a site map, it will boost the ranking:

The Google is offering a webmaster interface and from that, one can give a site map. It is an XML file which has links for every page of the site.

  1. SEO has no concern with social Media:

Before the arrival of social media websites, SEO service was the only medium for getting traffic. Some marketers often think that they are not connected, it is not the truth.

  1. The domain that is keyword rich have higher rankings:

In the past days, the domain has a lot of importance. If the keyword is present in the domain, then it has a lot of advantage. But now, the process of indexing has the value, not of domain name.

  1. SEO is a spam:

The person who has a lack of knowledge thinks that SEO is a spam. While the term has a large array of methods and techniques, and some techniques are used for getting the rank well.

  1. Back links have more importance than the content:

SEO often costs time and money; it is not realistic to think that one can do everything possible in every facet of online marketing. The goal of the SEO is to generate the traffic. Good content will also helps the site to survive long-term.

  1. Homepage must be updated all the time:

Some people think that if they will update their homepage content all the time they will get the high rank, but if they have a sales page then they need to be updated when a new product come.

  1. The H1 header possesses the greater value than the rest of the text:

The structure of the page will be checked by Google and other engines, but they have to realize that many websites are structured something different.

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