Technologies That Will Disrupt Healthcare Industry By The Year 2020

The last era has seen hasty adoption and development of technologies which have changed our lifestyle and the style we live. It is also predicted that technology is bound to bring in some drastic changes in the field of Healthcare by 2020

Most of the knbow-hows are still under discussion, several others are by now available to those who need them. At present, none has been widely implemented in healthcare systems, when many of them could represent the difference between better outcomes.

  1. application of smartphone

Most people assume that having a smartphone with a digital interface is “normal”, but very few people think that in addition to the app they use every day, this tool has a huge potential that could be applied to health.


App stores by now have several of health app, even though uptake of future customers for these sectors has been as uneven and inconsistent, generally because of lack of user interest.In this program to combat depression, people keep track of the mood and is mixed with data gathered by smartphone sensors about social application, movements or mobile use.

Research on a large scale

Smartphones are quite effective in terms of data gathering devices and can keep a record about wealth of detail regarding people’s lives. Also, tracking of health can give the researchers a lot of information about health issues and its causes.

  1. Portable Diagnosis

All these comprise of x-ray devices, blood-testing machines and several other technologies which can provide the diagnostics needed to bolster health care and communicate with hospitals and clinics from which remote control of patients could be done. Have profound consequences boosting the health system.

Smart assistance

Several people with or without disabilities or any other special long circumstances make use of supportive devices to aid them perform activities or tasks that would be almost impossible given their status. But in addition the devices collect precious data to make these patients have a better quality of life.

  1. Mechanisms for releasing smart drugs

Doctors know that in between one-third and one-half of the drugs prescribed for people suffering from long-term situations are not recommended. There are various technologies in growth may allow by automation, that each patient receives the appropriate dose at the precise moment, according to the indications of the professional.

The idea is to develop an implantable tool that contains hundreds of small hermetic spaces, which is controlled and opened with help of electricity when a microchip is applied. This would allow automatic release of doses from a single sources and is intended for patients with chronic diseases and for contraception.

  1. Genome sequencing

Advancement in-genome sequencing related to genomics will lead to better acknowledgement of how these diseases influence different human beings. Further With the contour of the knowledge about diseases and of person’s reaction to treatment, it is easy to find more information about medical intervention. The cost of this type of analytic has dropped considerably, although it is still considered expensive for most people.

But it is expected that with the application of new technologies based on Nano pores  will make this type of analytic is available to many more individuals and serve to prevent disease and save more lives.

  1. The connected community

Behind all technologies, there are people. Internet, devices and technology have enabled the development of many communities, bringing people together around a common interest, a shared identity, a social movement or even a hashtag.

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