How to Cease Fixating the “Artificial” In Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is that theory as well as the development which lets the machines to perform tasks that generally require human intelligence to be done. When your phone recognizes your voice or translates a word for your benefit can actually be done because of this artificial intelligence. It has tried to bring in a change in the field and has all the capacity to revolutionize the entire system in the future. Although it is termed as ‘artificial intelligence’ because it is the machine which exhibits it to perform the tasks, yet one needs to understand it is not thoroughly artificial.

Is Intelligence really artificial?

With the word artificial, you picturize things to be more mechanical. It appears to you that perhaps artificial means everything that is synthetic, alien and non-homogeneous. You are made to think as if something external has come and taken hold of all the jobs, but such is not true. The artificial intelligence is nothing else but a development of the human intelligence only which if used properly will be helpful enough to enhance the natural intelligence all the more.
Artificial intelligence does not really initiate the doom of the human race or civilization rather it’s smart usage can help to prevent such dooms in forms of epidemics or any causes.

IS AI a competitor of natural intelligence?

Indeed it addressees those works which were traditionally dominated and done by humans but that in no ways reduces the worth of a human. If you feel that with the emergence of AI humans are losing their jobs and that AI is dictating too much all at once, then you go wrong. You should think in this light that the inception of AI is actually the continuation of the progress of human intelligence only. And if AI can be used with all its advantages along with the human brain and hard work, then the whole combination will surely succeed. In case of AI, the machines actually apply the intelligence of human on a scale and speed up the entire process up in order to get results which weren’t possible with natural brains.  You will have to admit that the human intelligence does come with limitations; it has certain reservations about it which can be cured or neglected with the help of AI. It can thus be said, that human and the machines are using their intelligence to serve everyone better.

AI Advantages

Alexa and Siri are examples that show that AI has become intrinsic to people’s life. For a few moments, if you ignore the artificiality of the AI, you will realize how competent it is to address different types of tasks which ultimately result in your progress.

Exploring difficult tasks- as said, human intelligence has some limits of its own, so if you want to do certain underground researches about mining or underwater researches without risk, you can take AI’s help.

Reducing errors- If AI programmed robots are used, there is a chance of less error and more accuracy which will eventually speed up the success process. It would be much easier to scan baggage by using the object recognition technology with AI support because humans do get bored after some time of checking.

Helping in Daily Chores- the Smartphone is the best example to show what can happen if AI and human intelligence work together. We take its help for voice recognition, for face recognition while uploading pictures, for correct spelling prompt and for many other uses.

Communicating – If you visit any website, you will most of the time receive a digital welcome and an assistant to guide you through thicks and thins. This simplifies the process as well as answers to your queries.

Apart from these, AI finds multiple applications in different fields. It can work tirelessly without break and that is indeed mechanical. But there is more to this technology than that tag of ‘artificial’. Look beyond it and it will surely attract you!

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