Why Enterprise security model is important for the business?

Enterprise security is essential in running any business organization. Secured and reliable network ensures the customer satisfaction. Being an entrepreneur, you might know the security threat and risk management.  There are mainly five types of security model to choose from. These include network, perimeter, policy, and monitoring and transaction security.

These security models are much more effective for improving the reliability of your business network.A good security program should be able to address all the serious risk. It should contain the following security strategies

  • Balanced scorecards
  • Business Resilience Programs
  • Security accountabilities
  • Business activities
  • Key and strategy objectives
  • Security competency building
  • Risk and safety management
  • Security intelligence

The basic form of an enterprise network contains external circuits that are connected to the circuit.  The internal network contains servers, applications, data and similar endeavors. The demilitarized zone is located between the firewalls and server. It provides the employee the access to essential information. It helps in managing the traffic and malware.

Security Policy Document

Security policy document describes everything about the security models. It is an essential document that specifies what an entrepreneur can do and with what resources. It also describes policy for non-employee such as business partners, clients, consultants and other employees. The security policy document mainly defines malware and virus detection.

Network Security

Network security is one of most important aspects of the security model. Network security is the complete implementation of sever and equipment. Before starting any applications, the user has been authenticated via perimeter security. Network security is a perfect security model, which takes care of all the web application and workstations.

All the network applications are running on the shared server with the multithread operating system such as Mainframe, windows, and UNIX. Operating system plays a vital role in storing, retrieving and managing the data.

Perimeter Security

Perimeter security plays a vital role in any business models. It takes care of the security for the both external and internal users. These models make use of the perimeter devices such as external routers, TACACS servers, RADIUS servers, VPN modems and similar endeavors.

  • Enterprise security model should be able to span both the cyber and security domains.
  • Creating and exploring document that can be integrated with some functional aspects such as finance, HR, operations, etc.
  • Derive business cases for all the risk related initiatives.
  • Understanding the role, methods, and purpose of industry bodies.

When it comes to facing the security threats, cybersecurity is a great challenge for everyone. The integration of Enterprise security Architecture with Enterprise Architecture makes much sense. By implementing all the security models, one can efficiently handle all the business issues without hassle. Be it malware, virus or malfunctions; the security models can be able to tackle it at any while.  These security models can be able to protect your business and organizations from all kind of malware and virus.

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