Upcoming Trends in Smartphone Tech

Technology is developing day by day and with that, the renowned manufacturers are also interested to up their game. This resulted in the incorporation of some amazing features into Smartphone which ultimately helped the users a lot. Like the previous year, this year also you are supposed to witness a few revolutionary ideas which if put to use, will surely make life all the more easy and simple. All the important brands are using their expert and experienced team to churn out something exciting to satisfy their customers. Although it is not sure which trends will surely make an entry yet there is a high chance of these trends to rule the market as well as the heart of people.

Trends to look for:

  1. Front Finger-print Sensor- With the aim of enlarging the screen and reducing the size of the bezel, the fingerprint sensor was put to back. But with the advent of this New Year, the manufactures wanted to bring it back at the front and that can be possible, by placing it underneath the display. All the big names are quite pleased with this idea and can implement it in their newer versions. Vivo is the first company that is supposed to try it.

  2. Phones with folding displays- For a long time, this news have been doing rounds in the market. It will not only offer bigger screen-size but also increase portability. If it makes an entrance, it will surely include some new designs and looks which might be exciting. In 2011, Samsung first tried to introduce it and in 2017, ZTE Axon M implemented it buy hinging two 5.2 screens which obviously didn’t popularize much. Now, Microsoft is interested to test it.

  3. Artificial Intelligence- To enhance the experience of the users, this will indeed is a smart incorporation. Google’s Pixel 2 has this integrated into its body to assist the users in many things and has improved the performance of the camera. Huawei has also upped its game by having the neural processing unit in its Kirin chip and revolution the decision making quality. Amazon will also try to make Alexa enter in more versions.

  4. Augmented Reality- By now, you must be familiar with this term which became popular thanks to Apple’s ARKit and Google’s ARCore and their AR stickers. However, the concepts were interesting but not much meaningful. Now, it can be expected that since Google Pixel 2 and iPhone X have the capacity, they can introduce some really cool apps with AR.

  5. Dual Camera and Zoom– There is no denying the fact that everyone is attracted rather addicted to this particular feature. Hence, there is a chance that every phone will come with the dual camera now and most of them have already started doing so. But in spite of that, the result wasn’t satisfactory as both the cameras aren’t equally competent. Moreover, the manufactures might also look into the zooming capabilities so as to capture better pictures. Oppo is aiming that with 5X zoom and a hump-less camera.

  6. Wireless Charging- Charging the phone has been an issue for a long time and don’t everyone is lucky to have a bed-side charging point. To do away with this problem, speculation about introducing a wireless charger is on the go. Both the giants- Samsung and Apple have gripped onto this idea and are starting to implement it which might push the other companies to try this out as well.

  7. Improved batters- The batteries are continuously under surveillance to make distinct improvements which will sincerely help the users. Although the speed of charging has already been increased, yet it is expected that some more exciting changes will take place in this quarter in shape of increased battery life.

These can be counted as the most probable development that can truly make smartphones all the smarter. However, apart from these, there can be some more trends which can shake the market. Stay tuned!

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