Web Designer vs Website development – Which is best for You?

Although in principle it may seem that web development and web design are the same, in fact they have rather marked differences. It is true that you need a specialist in both to create a site, but despite the close relationship they have these two careers are different. Next, let’s dig deeper into the difference between web designers and developers.

The work of a web designer

A web designer makes use of design programs used by photographers, graphic designers and branding specialists such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator that he uses to create the visual look of the website. It is common for the finished design to be saved in a Photoshop file that is properly organized and named by groups and layers.

In some cases, the web designer is not the person in charge of transforming said design into code compatible with browsers, but likewise must be familiar with HTML tags, at least, to better organize the Photoshop file containing the design.

Much of the work of web designers requires creativity and imagination, both to have fresh ideas appropriate to the type of client, and to solve certain situations that occur when the project is in process. Like graphic designers, web designers can find inspiration from various areas of art. And we are not only referring to painting, they may also be interested in sculpture, engraving, music, theater, etc. Any form of artistic expression can be a source of inspiration and it is common that they have some kind of hobby related to art.

The work of a web developer

A web developer should be versed in languages ​​such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript, which are considered basic to creating a website. Usually, developers leave the visual part to web designers and focus on creating a site with a clean code. To do this, they take as reference the file that the designer has passed them and move that design to code compatible with web chrome browsers. That is, they make sure that the site is actually on the web.

In addition, web developers can have knowledge of programming languages ​​such as PHP, Python, Ruby, C ++, etc. These languages ​​may not be easily perceived by users when entering a website, for example, at the database level. But their work is of equal importance for a website to be fully functional.

Web designer vs. Web developer

Web design is often related to creativity and art. On the other hand, web development is related to logical thinking. It is well known that learning some programming language improves your reasoning. That is, it helps you think logically and so you can find solutions to simple and complex problems. But the same can be said of web design, although a quota of creativity is needed, it is often said that a designer solves problems. From this point, it seems that both careers are not so different, after all.

Although both races have clear differences, but they are related and complement each other. Due to this close relationship, it is not currently unusual to find people who call themselves web designers and developers at the same time. Due to the high competitiveness, many designers are considering learning about programming languages ​​to have an advantage over the rest, not only because they can take care of simple projects that require a minimum of programming, but also because it allows to work in team with other web developers more experienced.

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